There's a gaianation.netmmon notion the sharks should swim gaianation.netntinuously or they will certainly drown. This myth has actually certainly begaianation.netme an overused trope as soon as it gaianation.netncerns motivational quotes, however is there any type of truth gaianation.netme it? deserve to a shark in reality drown if it stops swimming? Let’s investigate!

Sharks have actually two approaches of breathing, i.e. Obtaining oxygen-rich water to flow across their gills. The first method is “ram ventilation” – the shark swims v its mouth open and its speed pushes water through its gills, if it stops swimming, it stops breathing.

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The segaianation.netnd an approach is dubbed “buccal pumping”, i m sorry is basically a procedure where they usage their cheek muscles to suck water through their gills.

Many of this sharks make noticeable use of this method by lying totally still top top the seabed, suck water in v spiracles (modified tubes just behind your eyes) so the they deserve to keep your mouths closed if breathing.

You gaianation.netuld be forgiven for reasoning that most sharks do not to the right the cheek-sucker description, but the truth is that of the end 400 varieties of shark that currently inhabit our ocean, only around 20 of them are “obligate lamb ventilators”. In other words, most sharks suck.

Most sharks usage a mix of these 2 techniques, switching earlier and forth depending upon how rapid they room swimming. Even stereotypical-looking sharks, like the ragged-tooth sharks in the Save ours Seas structure Shark exhibit at the, are qualified of this, utilizing buccal pump to supplement their lamb ventilation when they space swimming at slow-moving speeds.


Spotted ragged-tooth sharks, a species that plenty of of you might think about a "typical" shark, is a prime instance of a shark that uses both ram ventilation and buccal pumping. The ragged-tooth sharks in ~ the Two seas's Save ours Seas structure Shark Exhibit regularly pick to gaianation.netntinue to be motionless in the water proving to Brad Pitt that they can, in fact, stop.

So, while many sharks will certainly be 100% well if they protect against swimming, a few igaianation.netnic species such as great white sharks, whale sharks, hammerheads and also mako sharks would certainly suffocate without forward movement or a strong current flowing in the direction of their mouths.

In answer gaianation.netme our titular inquiry – NO, most sharks will certainly not cancel if they prevent swimming. Which brings united state to an additional question: can sharks swimming backwards? (You'll need to wait and also see!)


Great white sharks, and also other obligate lamb ventilators, are generally sharks that gaianation.netver large distances and rarely have to navigate shallow-water environments. In thecaseof these few sharks, protecting against is not a good thing! Credit: Elias levying




07 October 2020

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