This is probably one that the weirdest questions on here. As soon as I was a kid, I put aluminum foil in mine mouth (maybe it was still fastened to some food or something, ns don"t remember.)

Anyway, it made mine mouth feel favor I"d licked a 9-volt battery. Gift the natural born scientist, I repetitive the procedure with similar results.

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Why go this happen? i really think it has actually something to execute with my dentist fillings due to the fact that the sensation arisen near them.



Ouch... Actually a recognized phenomenon. Between the foil of aluminum/Al, and the metal pour it until it is full of amalgam in your tooth, you developed a little electrochemical cell. Your saliva offered as one electrolyte and also your nerves approximately sensibly recognize the current. This currently "works" with little splinters the Al silver paper wrapping cacao (obviously, the was no a little Hershey bar), however is less powerful than the stated 9 V block.

(one reference)



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