as soon as I poured hot tea into a cup, the cup wrong after around three seconds. The cup was made the glass. It to be pretty thin. Just how did the glass and the tea reaction in regards to chemicals. This is a bit odd due to the fact that wasn"t heat used to sand in stimulate to do glass, shouldn"t the glass break up right into the reactants the made it?



This is not a chemical process.

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Objects frequently expand when heated. Think in railway profiles in the summer, think in loosening a grounding nut by heating it with a blowtorch.

However, as soon as the product is under stress and also a bad heat conductor, unevenly heating will an outcome in cracking.

While it is a pity for the cup, the break of glassware to countless rounded (!) piece upon uneven or punctual (mechanical) impact may be precisely what you want under various circumstances. Think in tempered (toughed) glass provided in windows of rail passenger cars.

On a side note, there"s the Bologna Bottle. In the making, these bottles are progressively cooled on the external - but very rapidly top top the inside, i beg your pardon maximizes the stress.

As a consequence, you could use the bottle as a hammer to journey a nail into something, however beware if friend drop miscellaneous in the bottle. Here"s a video to demonstrate the effect. (Be warned the there"s a lot of screaming kids in it.)

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