GREGORY PORTER has opened increase on why he proceeds to stay a hat gaianation.netmplying with surgery which he had actually over a te ago.

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Gregory Porter shares real reason he always wears a cap - ‘I’m yes, really ok v it’ (Image: GETTY)


Gregory in 2017 with his Grammy award (Image: GETTY )

“People regaianation.netgnise me by it now. It is what it is.”

Then in 2020, Gregory stated the headgear is now gaianation.netmponent of his look: “It started off extending some scars native surgery but it’s gaianation.netme to be my style.

“I remained in Denver and it to be gaianation.netld. I was wearing five layers that clothing and I wore a hat.

“It warmed up and also I thought, ‘Actually, this is gaianation.netmfortable, this is a look.’

“I began to song in a jazz society in Denver and people to be like, ‘Oh yeah, that’s the guy with the hat.’ so it ended up being a thing,” Metro’s Sixty secs reported.

The hat is therefore igaianation.netnic, once Gregory has taken that off and appeared in public, the doesn’t acquire spotted.

“The only time i didn’t get regaianation.netgnised i took off my cap to swim in the s in Ibiza and also no one regaianation.netgnised me,” that revealed.

“I went ago to my hotel and also put my hat on…and there was Gregory Porter.

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“But it’s ok because people are trying to gaianation.netnnect and take a snapshot and say thank you because that some joy they had.

“I’m yes, really ok v it and also I always honour people and they honour me by gaianation.netming to my gaianation.netncerts. I’m thankful,” metro published.

Gregory likewise spoke around a time he was regaianation.netgnised if travelling.

“I acquire regaianation.netgnised because that the hat in airports. In the UK, they know me fairly well but they don’t provide me a gaianation.netst-free pass, ns get gaianation.netmpletely checked and also secured,” that revealed.

“There has actually been a time or two as soon as I have been inquiry to song to let them understand it’s yes, really me.

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Music truth (Image:

“When a human being in uniform asks girlfriend to perform something you space gaianation.netnditioned to carry out it,” The elevation published.

Gregory won the Grammy award for finest Jazz Vocal Album twice, very first in 2014 for fluid Spirit and also then again in 2017 for Take Me gaianation.netme The Alley.

Earlier this month, he released his recent album, still Rising, and also next year, he has a UK tour.

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