Out the the blue, my ex dumped me and fully shattered my heart. I was a wreck. All I wanted was to have actually him back. The taken me a really long time, but I’m lastly getting end him—and the course, currently that ns am, he wants me back.

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He seems to just want what he can not have.

He’s lastly realized just how wonderful ns am but guess what? It’s too late. If i still want him back, would certainly he really want me or would certainly he still need space and want a possibility to live the single life and also see what rather is the end there? I’m moving on and getting over him. Perhaps it really did take losing me to establish what an amazing woman he had however that doesn’t readjust anything for me. As well little, too late.

I realized that I’m method too good for him.

I worthy a better love 보다 he provided me. Ns deserve a guy who doesn’t have to question his love because that me or whether or not he wants to be through me. Ns don’t desire a love story of an on-again-off-again relationship. I desire a guy who knows every day there is no a doubt that he wouldn’t desire to be with anyone else. I desire someone that treats me favor the only girl for him, not like I’m just an option. I’m way too good for a love choose that.

We can never go ago to the way things were.

I can’t pretend we didn’t invest that time apart. Ns can’t pretend that didn’t break my heart. I can’t forget all the pains he brought about me or just how he cure me when our relationship headed south. Those room actions he can never take back, so also if us got ago together, us wouldn’t be happy prefer we were when we first started out. We’d always be fragmented by the past and also that’s no the type of relationship I want.

I lastly see that for that he really is.

Our connection was all about him. That doesn’t desire me ago because he loves me. He desires me earlier because of whatever I did for him. He’s a user and gives nothing in return. As soon as we to be together, I thought he was “The One” yet after we damaged up, I ultimately got part clarity. He no treat me right once we were together and he definitely didn’t display me any kindness in the end. He’s simply not the guy I thought I loved.

Our breakup adjusted me.

I’m not the girl I supplied to be and that’s a good thing. I’m stronger now due to the fact that I made it through the ache of heartbreak. I don’t look at our connection as a finish waste the time but I do think of it together a lesson learned. I’m going to move forward, though, not back. Ns don’t think in getting ago together. If we might have functioned things out then us would never have even needed to rest up. I’m solid enough and confident enough now to establish that i don’t need a man, specifically one who already had his chance and also blew it.

If he really loved me, he never would have actually hurt me.

He would have never permit me go. He wanted time to figure things out, however love do not do it be the selfish. He shouldn’t have actually needed to discover whether or not he love me or if us were ideal for every other. He should never have actually expected me to wait around. Love is other you just know, therefore if he had to inquiry it then it was never ever real. Plus, once you love someone, girlfriend care about their pleasure too, and he definitely didn’t give a damn around all the ache he placed me through.

Part that me wonders if this is just some sort of sick twisted game.

Now the I’m finally starting to move on, he come waltzing earlier into my life? sounds pretty suspicious to me—one hell the a coincidence. That feels more like he’s trying to store me top top the hook. He desires me currently that ns don’t desire him. He desires to save me about to feel great about self or maybe as backup plan. Every little thing his thinking is, I’m no buying it.

He should have appreciated me once he had actually me.

All he ever did was take me for granted. I was therefore in love that i didn’t realize just how unhealthy our relationship was until I was the end of it. Ns was a damn great girlfriend and he was totally oblivious come that. Ns deserve a man who feels lucky to have actually me, no a male who watch me as a burden and not a blessing.

The single life just wasn’t as good as he assumed it would be.

That’s no my difficulty though. He doesn’t get to break my heart, run wild and free, and also then come ago like nothing ever before happened. Perhaps he realized that one-night stands space boring and also the single life can be lonely AF. In my mind, though, the should have actually thought points through a small harder prior to we damaged up. In ~ the finish of the day, he pertained to this conclusion much too late.

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It’s his revolve to know exactly how unrequited love feels.

When we broke up, I wanted nothing an ext than come get back together. I was heartbroken and also I let the cloud my judgment, yet the fog has finally cleared. It killed me to watch him go away once I still loved him however he didn’t offer a damn about how i felt as soon as he damaged up v me. Now, that his turn to feel the pain of learning he had actually an exceptional woman the he simply let go and he’ll never have the ability to have me again.

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