So, the last couple of times i’ve ordered iced tea indigenous Chick-fil-A it comes out have a slimy and also thick consistency. Nearly the very same consistency as saliva i beg your pardon grosses me the hell out. For this reason please can someone tell me why the been like this?


I've functioned at 4 locations and also never remained in one that keeps tea in the go in, this is one factor why. That and tea moves super fast.

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Are there areas that store their tea in the go in? I’ve gone to mine 2 years and have never ever heard of such a thing. Ns mean, makes sense so the it’s cold favor the remainder of the beverages I’ve simply never heard that that

As a previous quality manage team member I deserve to assure friend that's no normal. Is the whole liquid a thick consistency or is over there slime left over in the bottom? A pair things can be keep going here.

They might be placing too much sugar in and/or no mixing that enough. The various other possibility (and i really hope it's no this) is the they're no washing the insides of the tea urns well enough. What happens if you don't to wash them daily and also rinse thoroughly in between a couple of uses is that bacteria can develop up into a slimy nastiness that could come to be dislodged right into someone's tea. Not cleaning the tea urns was probably my best pet peeve. Inspect with monitoring if you notification it again and also maybe they can obtain to the root of the issue.

Thanks for your response, okay ask them around it if it wake up again!

There’s nothing in ~ the bottom of the tea, it’s just the whole thing.

No, i haven’t speak to management. A pair of the times i told the people at the counter that the tea had a strange consistency yet that to be it.

I believe this is a test item, yet my place uses disposable bags the you placed in the tea urns, for this reason tea never ever actually touches the urns themselves. That will assist on that front (but yes, really if dishes are being to wash properly, friend shouldn't have major issues here).

Don't keep your tea in the walk-in. Conserving the tea like that isn't recommended, therefore I'd certainly talk to whoever the higher-ups are about that. Constantly brew fresh tea in ~ the start of a day.

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Another point is to not store the tea near things that gain hot (coffee brewer, lemonade machine) together that will reason the tea come spoil an ext quickly. Isolating the tea urns as much as feasible from those warm spots is key.


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