Back in the early-2000s, old and young generations to be clashing ~ above the topic of pantyhose that the thin nylon variety. Traditionalists argued for the light leg covering, if the up-and-coming fashion divas gasped in horror at the thought.

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Budget Fashionista ~ above Pantyhose in 2006

Our an answer to the debate in 20016 to be this:Apply the common-sense rule. If it’s 100 levels outside, it’s nice stupid come wear pantyhose; however, if it’s 10 levels outside, it’s stupid no to wear pantyhose or some kind of spanning over her legs. Use typical sense and make the decision because that yourself.

Our 2017 take on Pantyhose

I stand by our 2006 advice: prefer anything else, to wear or not wear pantyhose is a personal decision. Everything your choice, follow v with that confidently and just neglect what other human being say.

Having said that, you can still want some indict to help you decide. Below are a couple of considerations:

Pantyhose because that formal occasions

Nowadays, bare legs space A-OK at even the many formal occasions. Think around awards shows in the to chat industry; how often do celebrities have pantyhose on underneath their gowns? You’re far better off investing in a good fake demorphs lotion. Her legs will glow and they won’t it is in in hazard of catching and also tearing once you walk by who else’s sequined dress.

Calvin Klein unlimited Sheers Hosiery, $16, Macys

Remember that tights are an option also. A pair that tights is a stylish selection for ultra-conservative occasions, prefer funerals.

Pantyhose for job interviews

A task interview is the only case I have the right to think of where your choice of put on or not wearing pantyhose is yes, really important. Wear pantyhose under your strength suit if you space interviewing because that a non-creative duty with a an extremely conservative agency (a credit analyst through a bank, for example). It helps if you know that the rental manager is a status quo type, versus the rogue leader who wants fresh blood to shake things up.

Do not wear pantyhose if you are interviewing v a startup or any type of organization that values creativity and also thinking exterior the box. If it’s cold outside, wear tights instead. If it’s hot, make certain your legs room tidy and go bare.

I realize this every sounds sort of ridiculous — prefer wearing pantyhose or no determines whether you’re reliable and steadfast or a creative, go-getter. Yet consider this part of the general bucket of advice around how to dress for the task you want. The pantyhose room one component of her outfit, and also your whole outfit renders an immediate impression about who friend are.

Pantyhose and choice of shoe

Never undertake pantyhose v open-toed shoes. This is among those fashion rule you probably shouldn’t break. If you need to wear pantyhose, reach because that the closed-toe pumps.

I will say that, personally, I never wear nude pantyhose. I simply don’t favor the way they look. I have gone to job interviews, weddings, cocktail parties, work-related events, you name it, with bare legs. Ns have obtained offers native those bare-legged interviews, too. Plus, no one has ever commented, confident or negative, on my lack of hose.

Choosing pantyhose

If you are going to slip on slim hose, find a pair that matches her skin tone. They should be practically undetectable when you’re wearing them.

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Donna Karan The Nudes Sheer-to-Waist Tights, $22, Neiman Marcus

What the Chatter Says

Lots of human being have weighed in top top the pantyhose topic over the years. Right here is a sampling the what they’re speak online:

The Pantyhose dispute Continues… The well Dressed Life claims no to pharmacy pantyhose brands since they look cheap. Invest in a good pair instead or use a self-tanner.

Weigh in in the comments! are you wearing pantyhose and, if so, where?

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