Flat:noun. < countable > ( BrE ) a set of rooms because that living in, including a kitchen, typically on one floor that a building.

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Apartment:noun. ( specifically NAmE ) a collection of rooms because that living in, commonly on one floor that a building

Does that method Flat is used in BrE and also Apartment is provided in AmE? and is there any kind of other difference for the two words when one supplies it?

I feel the flat is used much more widely, is the right?



Flat is supplied in british gaianation.net, and apartment is used in phibìc American gaianation.net. The exact definition of words apartment counts on where you live.

In huge parts of Canada and also in or near new York City, it is provided for a residence in a multi-unit building; this meaning is the one given by OALD, and also is a synonym the the British native flat.

In many of the rest of the U.S. And on the West shore of Canada, the word apartment is booked for a rented residence in a multi-unit building; if the residences in the building are personal owned, castle are dubbed condos.

As Ben Hocking claims in his comment, one apartment doesn"t have to be on just one story (although the majority of lock are). However if friend live in a multistory residence i m sorry doesn"t have anything either above or below your unit, even though there space residences fastened on both sides, this is more commonly dubbed a townhouse. If there are simply two residences in the same building, you have a duplex.

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Peter Shor Peter Shor
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No, it"s no that clear-cut.

Both words are used in the UK: a "flat" would usually be a fairly "ordinary" residence that doesn"t constitute the entire space within a building, whereas an "apartment" has tendency to suggest a comparable concept, but an ext luxurious. As I understand, "flat" is rarely used in the US.

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Neil CoffeyNeil Coffey
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An answer based upon British gaianation.net:

There are several materials to this: number of storeys; sole-use versus shared-use buildings; and the target market.

As the OALD says, flats tend to be level - i.e. On simply one floor that a building. And they imply that they don"t have sole use of the structure - the there are various other units in the exact same building; either other dwellings, a shop, offices, whatever.

If it"s got much more than one storey, but does not have actually sole usage of the building, climate it"s a maisonette.

If a flat or maisonette is being sold/rented to an global market, it has tendency to get referred to as an apartment, as that"s better understood in global gaianation.net.

If it"s the single use that a one-storey structure (i.e. If the dwelling rectal the whole building), it"s not a flat, it"s a bungalow.

If it"s the single use the a structure with much more than one storey, then it"s no a maisonette, it"s a house. Bungalows are sometimes taken into consideration to it is in a subset the houses.

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To confuse things further, apartment in BrE also means a room - for instance you can have a three apartment flat.

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