Whether friend love food preparation or you space trying to pack your bag for a trip and also are wondering even if it is you will have the ability to get your shampoo with security, you probably have wondered what the abbreviation of oz is. In this article, us will review the definitions and also abbreviations of ounce in this article.

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Definition of Ounce

An ounce is a noun and defined as any type of of the following:

A unit that 480 grains, the apothecaries’ commonly used weight.A fluid ounce. As a unit that volume, the fluid ounce is equal to 1/16 that a pint.A very little amount the something, also including one intangible idea such together “an ounce of bravery”.

How carry out You Abbreviate words Ounce?

Ounce abbreviation is written as:


It is composed the same rather the word is supplied in the singular or in the plural form.

The abbreviation “oz” is obtained from the an in similar way originated Italian native onza (singular) and onze (plural), now spelled oncia, which to be a gold coin minted between 1732 and 1860.

Synonyms for words Ounce

Some indigenous that may be substituted for the word ounce are as follows:

bit, hint, little, mite, nip, particle, smidgen, speck, splash, sprinkling, tad, trace

It should be detailed that the above words room most frequently synonyms for usage in regards come the non-tangible definition.

Ounce may be abbreviated together oz or oz. Synonymously. Both abbreviation are provided with a space between the abbreviation and the previous native or number, such together “He has five oz the grain.” or “She had actually a total of 25 oz.”

The trojan ounce (approximately 31 grams) is offered when taking care of the weight of precious metals such as gold and also silver.

The ounce-force is a measure of force, based on 1 oz under the pressure of conventional gravity.

The fluid ounce is a measure of volume same to 1/16th that a pint.

When to usage the Abbreviation

Ounce abbreviation is frequently used to condensation the words ‘ounce’ or ‘ounces’. Because that example, a sentence making use of the singular form may be created as “He had an oz the tea leaves remaining for the whole week.”

While it is necessary to understand when to usage the abbreviation for ounce it is likewise important to understand when that is not frequently used, together in the adhering to example. “She had actually only an ounce of willpower left, however she made sure to usage it.” the is no as typical to usage the abbreviation for the different of oz that does no involve tangible load or volume.

Examples of Sentences using the Abbreviation

“He only had actually three oz the steak yet he savored every bite.”

“She has actually one oz of water in her beaker, but an additional 48 oz in she reservoir.”

“When they walk to the store, they room going to get several oz that seasoning because that the meat.”

“After completing the science experiment she had actually 18 oz that sediment to use for more testing.”

“Given one oz that milk, the infant rabbit began to show much more vigor.”

“He to buy an oz. Of gold.”

Are fluid Ounces and Ounces?

When a cooking recipes calls for ounces, it generally refers come “dry ounces” which measure up weight. There space 16 ounces in a pound.

Fluid ounces space a measure of volume and also 8 ounces same a cup.

Fun truth – a cup the water happens to equal both 8 liquid ounces (in volume) and also 8 ounces (in weight).

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