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Have you ever before noticed the American flag painted on the next of the plane as you to be boarding? probably it quit you in your tracks and also made you think, “Why is the flag backwards?” maybe you’ve i found it the same thing on military uniforms and vehicles. That’s no by accident.

Federal regulations state that once a flag is on a vehicle, the star ar must it is in positioned towards the front of the vessel, so that it’s together if the flag is flying follow me the next of it. The exact same goes for armed forces uniformsand government cars. The flag deals with the observer’s right and gives the effect of the flag flying in the breeze as the human in uniform, vehicle or airplane moves forward.

It’s not backwards! U.S. Commonwealth regulations state that once our flag is ~ above a vehicle (such as a
Delta #A350-900), the star ar must be positioned toward the prior of the vessel.

— Airbus In the U.S. (
AirbusInTheUS) march 30, 2018

According come the room of Defense, “The regulation says that when authorized for applications to the appropriate uniform the American flag spot is to be worn, ideal or left shoulder, so the ‘the star field deals with forward, or come the flag’s own right. Once worn in this manner, the flag is encountering to the observer’s right, and gives the result of the flag flying in the breeze as the wearer moves forward. The appropriate replica for the ideal shoulder sleeve is established as the ‘reverse side flag.’”

Other nations follow the same protocol for displaying that flag. Italian politician Giorgia Meloni, leader of the brothers of Italy party, to be outraged on society media when she saw the flag painted apparently backwards on one Airbus A340 VIP jet that the Italian air Force. “Don’t girlfriend think the tricolor is backwards? because that 200 million they could at least acquire our flag right!” she carped, introduce to the rumored price of the airplane. The ideal order the the flag’s three colors is in fact green, white and red from left to right, just as it appears in she avatar. However she was wrong about the plane.

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The Italian Air force responded come Il Messaggero, a Rome-based day-to-day paper: “By aeronautical convention, you take into consideration the front of the airplane to be tantamount to a flag pole from which the flag is flying. Therefore on one side of the fuselage you’ll watch the flag with its usual orientation, if on the other side that is reversed.”

One commenter ~ above Quorapointed the end that during the early days the aviation, it to be proposed the aircraft should affix a little flag come the tail for nationwide identification. “This would have caused too much drag, for this reason flags were painted on instead, but still designed come look as though they were being swollen backwards through the forward motion of the aircraft,” the reader said.