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say 50 oranges, then 100 apologize

80 space red, 20 room yellow

total fruit = 150

20chances the end of 150 for yellow

20/150 = 13.33%

I view you choose math jokes.She assumed she could be flat!This hoax makes referral to the fact that if you take it the 2nd derivative that a function, you can find the clues in i beg your pardon the function changes curvature, one of two people upwards or downwards.

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What is the percentile for data value 6 in the following data set? 4 13 8 6 4 4 13 6 4 13 2 13 15 5 9 4 12 8 6 13 40 25 35 62...
Ftara spends $219 a month for her car payment and also she provides $3,200 a month, what percent of her monthly income is spent on her car payment?...
Can anyone define to me exactly how to perform this? anything will .
Will’s boss has actually asked him to compile the credit transaction scores of anyone in his department. The data that will accumulated is displayed in the table below. What is the setting of the credit transaction score...
Which function has an inverse that is additionally a function? a.(-4,3), (-2, 7), (-1,0), (4, -3), (11, -7) b.(-4, 6), (-2, 2), (-1, 6), (4,2), (11, 2) c.{(-4,5), (-2, 9), (-1,8), (4,...
The worth of x need to be greater than what? ​
Sarah demands 3 feet of towel for a project she is working on, yet the store just sells the cloth in meters. One meter of fabric costs $1.20. Just how much will the fabric cost?...
Asalad dressing recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of vinegar and also three tablespoons of olive oil to just make 1/3 the the recipe for a single section how lot of each ingredient would certainly you...

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