Lines of the opposite in a parallelogram vary from form to type. In basic words, the parallel lines the symmetry refer to the currently which reduced the parallelogram right into two identical parts. Come recall, a parallel is a quadrilateral (4-sided figure) whereby the the contrary sides are parallel to each other.

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What are the currently of the opposite in Parallelograms?

The lines of symmetry room those currently which divide a parallelogram right into two halves where each fifty percent is the mirror photo of the other. Different parallelograms have different lines that symmetry and the different number of symmetry lines.

Symmetry currently in Parallelograms
Parallelogram NameNumber of the opposite Lines

There space three types of a parallel whose number of symmetry currently are given in the previously mentioned table. Listed below are the explanations top top the lines of the opposite in each of this parallelograms.

Lines of the contrary in a Square

In a square, over there are 4 lines of symmetry, every of which divides it into two similar parts. The symmetry currently of a square room both that is diagonals and the currently joining the midpoints of its opposite political parties (bisectors).


Lines of the opposite in a Rectangle

There room two present of symmetry in a rectangle which cuts it right into two equal halves. In a rectangle, the present of symmetry are those currently which join the midpoint that the opposite and also parallel present (i.e. The bisector) that the rectangle.


Lines of symmetry in a Rhombus

In a rhombus, the present of symmetry space its diagonals. So, the number of symmetry present in a rhombus room two i.e. The diagonals which division it right into two the same halves where each component is the mirror photo of the other.


It should be provided that a number shows the contrary only as soon as the line of the contrary divides the number in a method that both the halves become the mirror picture of each other. So, in a rectangle and a rhombus, that is watched that the lines of symmetry are not the exact same as that of the square.

In any type of figure, there have the right to be multiple present of symmetry. Thus, the is essential to check whether the lines of symmetry division the number not just in equal parts yet as mirror images also.

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Rotational symmetry in Parallelograms

Rotational the contrary is the symmetry within the number retains its specific appearance after that is rotated about a center point. Various parallelograms have various orders of rotational symmetry which are mentioned below.

Order of Rotational the contrary in Parallelograms
Parallelogram NameOrder of Rotational SymmetryAngle the Rotation
Square490°, 180°, 270° and also 360°
Rectangle2180° and also 360°
Rhombus2180° and also 360°

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