Spoilers front for Fate: The Winx Saga season one.

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Fate: The Winx Saga is the recent Netflix fantasy collection we"re all set to become fascinated with. The display follows the story the Bloom, a young American girl who finds the end she is a fairy and also arrives in ~ a boarding school for magical people, Alfea. And, that course, adventure ensues. Yet in between fighting off burned Ones and also trying to uncover who her real parents are, Bloom also begins to build feelings because that a other Alfea student: Sky. Yet do Bloom and also Sky end up together in Fate: The Winx Saga? Well, it"s a little more complex than that...

For those that don"t know, Fate is actually adjusted from the feverishly well-known Italian cartoon Winx Club, which has run for eight collection and three films. Ns know, right?

As pan of the cartoon will conveniently realise, Fate makes a fair couple of diversions native its source material. There are different characters, plots, and subplots. Yet one thing that is the very same is the romance in between Bloom and Sky. In the cartoon, the pair go on a tonne of ups and also downs, consisting of a marriage proposal. However what happens in season one of Fate with this two?

We view the attraction between Bloom and also Sky begin in episode one, when they satisfy in the quad that Alfea of Bloom"s very first day. Return Bloom brushes off Sky"s sell of aid to present her approximately the school, it"s clean there"s a spark. Native there, things only begin to grow. Favor in episode two, as soon as Bloom indicates Sky might have feelings because that her, speak "Who knew you had actually a type?" and when they gain sweetly competitive play beer pong (or possibly non-alcoholic pong? It"s not completely clear) against one one more in episode 3 and, later, confess secrets from their past to one an additional around the rock Circle.

Things space obviously made particularly complex by Sky"s past relationship v Stella, Bloom"s beautiful however guarded roommate. Their romance is absolutely complicated, however Sky officially breaks points off in episode four after that learns Stella told human being one of Bloom"s deepest secrets: that she"s a changeling.

In episode five, we ultimately see Bloom and also Sky gain "real" v one another and share their very first kiss. FINALLY! But, that course, things are not the easy. As quickly as they rest apart, we discover that Bloom has actually spiked sky with some sort of potion, leaving the to happen out as she runs out off seek Beatrix, the person she thinks has actually the key to she past. Nothing is ever simple with this two.

Luckily, in episode six – the finale – we see Bloom and Sky reconcile. Sky seems to know why Bloom go what she did. But does that mean their romantic is ago on track? Well, no exactly. Also Sky has forgiven Bloom, the won"t forget what she did any kind of time soon and his trust in her has actually gone. When Bloom asks what"s the matter with him, rather of informing her he has actually just discovered out his friend and also mentor Silva killed his father, he just says "I"m fine, i promise." their relationship has actually changed.

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So, will certainly Bloom and also Sky ever make things work? we need another season to find out.