Use these flashcards to review ideas of photosynthesis and also respiration in preparing for the criter of learning exam.

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During respiration, what is glucose offered for?
To produce ATP in order to strength cellular processes.
What is the major light-gathering colours in plants?chlorophyll
What carry out you contact the tree colorings, various other than chlorophyll, that help the cell to trap light?accessory colours (ex. Xanthophyll, Carotenoids)
In what component of photosynthesis is water split and oxygen released?The light reaction.
What is the power from ATP and NADPH used for in the Calvin Cycle?To resolve carbon dioxide come glucose
What environmental cycle requires photosynthesis and also respiration together a major process?The carbon-hydrogen-oxygen cycle
What function does oxygen offer in respiration?It is the final electron agree on the electron move chain.
What is the maximum variety of ATP generated in aerobic respiration?36
What is the resource of oxygen exit by plants in photosynthesis?The separating of a molecule the water.
In what to move organelle does respiration occur?mitochondria
In what to move organelle walk photosynthesis occur?chloroplast
In what moving organelle go glycolysis occur?cytoplasm
Aside from oxygen, what else is produced by the light reaction that photosynthesis?ATP and also NADPH
What does words photosynthesis mean?using irradiate to make something new
What space the end assets of photosynthesis?oxygen and sugar
What are the reactants because that photosynthesis?carbon dioxide and water
Where is the energy used in photosynthesis obtained?from sunlight
In which component of the sheet does photosynthesis mainly occur?Chloroplasts, discovered mostly in the mesophyll (palisade layer).

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What type of cabinet controls the size of a stomate in a leaf?the guard cells
What is the function of chlorophyll?To catch sunlight
What component of the visible spectrum is not took in by chlorophyll?green wavelengths
What room the small disk-like structures in chloroplasts the contain chlorophyll?Thylakoids
What 3 substances should be offered to the Calvin Cycle?ATP, NADPH + H+, Carbon Dioxide
What is the main resource of power for cells?ATP
How many ATP are created by glycolysis?2
What is the action of aerobic respiration that adheres to the Krebs cycle?Electron deliver Chain
What is an additional name because that the Krebs cycle?Citric acid Cycle
What space the raw materials for to move respiration?oxygen and also glucose
The form of respiration that causes muscle soreness is dubbed what?lactic acid fermentation
How numerous ATP are developed by fermentation?none
In what action of respiration is glucose split into PGAL and then pyruvate??glycolysis
When glucose is damaged down in an setting that lacks oxygen, what process is occurring?aerobic respiration
Why would person muscle cells contain many an ext mitochondria 보다 skin cells?muscles frequently need more energy 보다 skin cells and also mitochondria space the oribelles where power is produced.