It is wideely thought that man Wilkes Booth yelled the words Sic semper tyrannis (‘Thus always to tyrants’) whilst in package or top top landing ~ above the stage during the assassination of president Lincoln. The is not actually well-known for certain; over there are miscellaneous ‘ear witness’ reports the what he in reality said.

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When Booth gained accessibility via the very very first door the the entrance to the Presidential box, he barricaded the door behind him, utilizing a rod which the wedged in between the door and the wall.

He then turned and looked v a small peephole that previously sculpted in the 2nd door.

The chair in which chairman Abraham Lincoln to be assassinated, April 14, 1865.

Booth had never starred in the specific play the was on; however, the knew the script off through heart and patiently waited until Harry hawk (playing Asa Trenchard) to be on the stage to speak the funniest heat in the play. Booth was hoping the the laughter from the audience would muffle the gunshot.

When Hawk claimed the line “Don’t understand the courtesy of good society, eh? Well, ns guess ns know enough to revolve you inside out, old gal; you sockdologizing old man-trap!” the audience burst right into laughter, consisting of Lincoln – together he to be shot. Booth opened the 2nd door, snuck forwards and also shot Lincoln at point-blank range, instantly killing him.

The Philadelphia Deringer pistol Booth used to murder Lincoln, on screen at the museum in Ford’s Theatre

The bullet gotten in Lincoln’s head behind his ear, went through his skull and lodged just over his eye. Mary instantly reached the end to Lincoln; she caught him and also screamed as she establish what had actually happened. When the shot was fired, Rathbone states he thought he heard Booth shout ‘Freedom!’.

John Wilkes Booth

Rathbone leapt indigenous his chair and also tried to protect against Booth indigenous fleeing. He got him and also a battle ensued.

Booth released his pistol and also drew a knife, stabbing Rathbone in his arm. Rathbone battled on and again test to record Booth together he tried to jump from the leaf of the box.

Rathbone regulated to obtain hold that Booth’s coat and also this brought about Booth to leap over the side of the box onto the stage. That stood and also crossed the stage, the audience believing he was part of the continuous play. Booth climate lifted his bloody knife over his head and yelled out to the audience.

Most witnesses speak he shouted ‘Sic semper tyrannis’, part say that yelled ‘Sic semper’ (Booth himself claims this is what the shouted) and others don’t recall noþeles in Latin gift shouted out.

Booth also shouted the end in English, part say that yelled ‘The southern is avenged’, others say it was ‘The south shall it is in free!’ or ‘Revenge because that the South’.

Two civilization say he yelled ‘I have actually done it’.

The Presidential crate at Ford’s Theatre, whereby Lincoln was assassinated

The audience, for this reason far, were not conscious of the events that had just passed; however, quickly the screams of mary Lincoln and Clara Harris were heard, and Rathbone to be yelling ‘Stop that man!’.

This brought about panic in ~ the audience, as they started to realize this was not component of the show. Several audience members chased Booth however failed to record him, Booth ran turn off stage and left via the side door. Joseph Burroughs ‘aka Peanuts’ was wait outside, hold Booth’s horse, and as Booth exited the theatre the struck Peanuts in the head with his knife, jumped top top his horse and also rode off.

We have an additional story regarding President Abe Lincoln:Abraham Lincoln to be the just President who was also a license is granted bartender.

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An actress in the play, Katherine M. Evans, rushed out to the stage when Booth had left and also stated “I looked and also saw chairman Lincoln unconscious, his head dropping top top his breast, his eye closed, however with a laugh still top top his face”.




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