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It’s a fact the the Latin source word fact has ‘made’ numerous words in English; in suggest of fact, it even method ‘made’ or ‘done.’ Some common English words the come indigenous fact include manufacture, artifact, and also satisfaction. A really easy method to mental fact is the original idea behind words factory, i beg your pardon is a location where assets are ‘made.’

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artskill, craft
factmade, done

An artifact is things “made or done” through “skill or craft.”

‘Fact’ the word Factory

It’s a fact the the Latin source word fact has ‘made’ numerous words in English; in point of fact, the even method ‘made’ or ‘done.’

What is a fact? the is simply something that has actually been ‘made’ already, so the is real. Another means of thinking about a fact is the it’s a ‘done’ deal. Facts supplied for scientific research or in a court of regulation must have actually been ‘made’ currently for castle to be useful. Hence, other factual has actually a basis in reality, that is, it has actually been ‘made’ or ‘done.’

A coco factory is a place where chocolate is ‘made.’ A location where cars space manufactured is an industrial setup where they room ‘made.’ Originally, something the was manufactured was ‘made’ exclusively by hand, together as clothes or pair of shoes on a fixed scale.

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An artifact is other ‘made’ by person skill or imaginative know-how. Anthropologists are particularly interested in artifacts due to the fact that they tell castle things about the ancient cultures who ‘made’ this objects.

A masterpiece might cause a budding tailor an excellent satisfaction since it mirrors that he has actually ‘done’ sufficient to knife the rank of a grasp tailor. Together a issue of fact, a masterpiece was terrific piece the work created by an apprentice that was the deciding factor in earning the location of master, the is, it would either ‘make’ the a master, or ‘do’ that in.

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Do you remember the Gorgon Medusa from Greek mythology? She was into petrifaction, or having human being ‘made’ into stone by gazing ~ above them. This, the course, is the work of a malefactor, or one who ‘does’ evil to or ‘makes’ angry for another. A benefactor, top top the other hand, just ‘does’ an excellent things because that someone else.

Have you ever undergone the procedure of stupefaction, or being ‘made’ so completely amazed by something the it renders you stupid, or speechless momentarily? favor now?

I hope the your newly got factual expertise of fact has actually ‘made’ major inroads into your vocabulary satisfaction! ‘Done’!

fact: thing ‘made’ factual: pertaining come a point ‘made’ factory: location where things are ‘made’ manufacture: ‘make’ by hand artifact: ‘made’ by human skill satisfaction: ‘done’ enough factor: ‘maker’ petrifaction: ‘making’ stone malefactor: evil-‘doer’ benefactor: good-‘doer’ stupefaction: ‘making’ amazed