The an initial place after the decimal is obtained by splitting the number by 10; that is called the tenths place.

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The 2nd place ~ the decimal is acquired by separating the number by 100; the is called the hundredths place.The third place after ~ the decimal is gained by separating the number through 1000; it is referred to as the thousandths place.


1. Exactly how to create the place value of the number 45.123?

The place of 3 in the decimal 45.123 is 3/1000.

The ar of 2 in the decimal 45.123 is 2/100

The location of 1 in the decimal 45.123 is 1/10

The ar of 5 in the decimal 45.123 is 5

The place of 4 in the decimal 45.123 is 40

Let us consider the complying with examples.

2. Create the adhering to numbers in the decimal place value chart.(i) 1.2Solution:1.2 in the decimal ar value chart.





3. Create the ar value of number 7 in each of the followingdecimals:

(i) 513.073

The ar of 7 in the decimal 513.073 is 7/100 or 7hundredths.

(ii) 71.234

The ar of 7 in the decimal 71.234 is 70 or 7 tens.

Practice difficulties on Decimal location Value Chart:

1. Recognize the location value of the underlined digit in thegiven numbers.

(i) 65.71

(ii) 308.88

(iii) 716.927

(iv) 8546.293

(v) 4665.705


(i) 1 hundredth

(ii) 3 hundreds

(iii) 9 tenths

(iv) 3 thousandths

(v) 4 thousands

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