When my LO began preschool, i was going bananas about the Show and also Tell activity.Every Tuesday evening I was in a panic around not having actually something the starts through the certain letter the the week. I would certainly go and also Google “Words that start with E” or “Show and tell list” in order come think that something.Some main it would be more an overwhelming than usual. How many words start with X? not many.

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After the first couple of months, ns became an ext efficient. I produced my very own perform in my iphone phone notes. Every time that ns saw an item at house that would be good to usage for show and tell, i would add it to my perform under the appropriate letter. It was several work, however later it helped me through that scare on Tuesday nights.So now, every Show and also Tell morning, I open my list and give mine LO a couple of options to pick from.

I recommend that you produce your very own list of item you constantly have at home.

I likewise would like to share my list below with you, so girlfriend will always have the list of Show and Tell items.Tip: Bookmark this page. To trust me once I speak you will must use it again.

What can you bring to a Show and also Tell?

When I pick a Show and also Tell article my very first option is always a fruit or vegetable. In mine LO’s preschool, the teacher will reduced the fruit or vegetables and share it through the kids.

Also, this is a an excellent way to teach an ext about vegetables and make girlfriend LO more interested and also familiar with the names. Hopefully, they will certainly be much more interested in eat them together well.

The 2nd option and also next most basic one will certainly be to use all the pretend playthings our kids have. I’m talking about pretending food, ~ do so kitchen items, pretend fruits and vegetables. Those are great and those items are always around.

The third option is toys prefer dolls, trains, and also cars. Children love the idea of reflecting their playthings in the class.

The critical option and the most essential one because that parents is to use everyday items you have at home.E because that envelope, L for letter, F for fork. I think you’ve gained me here.

Hopefully, this helped provide you part ideas and also now, to my list. For each letter, I added * come the most basic item. So if you are in a rush, just go to the asterisks.

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Preschool Show and tell list:

Show and also Tell- Letter A

*AppleAirplaneAstronautAnimalAvocadoArrowApronAluminum foilAunt (Picture of their aunt)


Show and Tell- Letter B



Show and Tell- Letter C

*CucumberCoatCatChocolateCookieCupCupcakeCarChessCakeCalculatorCarrotCardClockContainerCandleCanCameraChickenCornComic books


Show and Tell- Letter D



Show and also Tell- Letter E

*EnvelopeElephantEggEggplantEaster EggEaster BunnyEagle


Show and also Tell- Letter F



Show and also Tell- Letter G



Show and also Tell- Letter H

*HatHappy faceHouseHorseHeadsetHelmetHockey puck or hockey stickHelicopter


Show and Tell- Letter I

*InstrumentsIce creamInk

Show and Tell- Letter J

*JarJamJuice box

Show and Tell- Letter K


Show and also Tell- Letter L


Show and also Tell- Letter M

*MarkerMoneyMangoMittensMotorMugMapMilkMirror (safe one for kids)MouseMoneyMask

Show and Tell- Letter N


Show and also Tell- Letter O

*OnionOwlOctopusesOrangeOakOysterOlaf native Frozen

Show and Tell- Letter P

*PanPhonePizza (pretended food)PaperPapersPencilPillowPlatePotatoPicturePhotoPearPlantPlay-doh

Show and also Tell- Letter Q

*Q-tipQueenQuinoaQuilt blanket

Show and Tell- Letter R


Show and also Tell- Letter S

*SpoonSheepStarScarfsSchool busSunglassesSunShirtSpeakerSucksStickersSleeping bagSnake

Show and Tell- Letter T

*T shirtTomatoTicketTeddy bearTowelTea bagTea setTrainTrayTigerTireTennis ball and also tennis rocket

Show and Tell- Letter U


Show and Tell- Letter V


Show and Tell- Letter W

*WatchWalletWireWheelWheal fish

Show and Tell- Letter X


Show and also Tell- Letter Y


Show and Tell- Letter Z

*Zip bagZebraZipperZero (number

If girlfriend have any deas for my list. Specially because that X, Y and also Z please comment below and also I will add it.