Before the band"s greatest love song was also released come the remainder of the world, Lifehouse frontman Jason Wade used the tune for his own love story.

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Lifehousehas celebrated a fair share of chart-topping hits and multi-platinum records in your career, however after an ext than 17 years together a group, the rock band had actually yet to release a best Hits album — that is, until now (July 14).

The 18-track Lifehouse: best HitsLP will feature standards like “Hanging by a Moment” and also “Halfway Gone,” and also fan favorite such together “Broken” and also “All In.” The sixth track top top the album,“You and Me,” though, is among the band’s biggest songs to date (even getting to No. 5 ~ above the warm 100), especially thanks to the amounts of weddings and also proposals it has actually soundtracked.But prior to the tune was also released come the remainder of the world, Lifehouse frontman Jason Wade supplied the song as the template for his very own love story.

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“I’ve constantly believed the a song needs to mean something come you an initial if it’s going to average anything come anybody else. That’s the case with ‘You and also Me,"” Wade tells “I knew right away once it to be finished being composed that i was walking to suggest to my girlfriend through it — top top a cassette tape,funny enough.”

In an exclude, video, Wadeexplains just how the songexisted before their 2000 debut,No name Face,dropped, but didn’t do it on to a Lifehouserecord until their self-titled releasein 2005. Watch the rest of Wade’s story behind the track below:

You can order Lifehouse: best Hits here.


“Hanging by a Moment”“Sick bicycle Carousel”“Breathing”“Everything”“Spin”“Take Me Away”“You and also Me”“Blind”“First Time”“Whatever that Takes”“Broken” (Radio Version)“Halfway Gone”“Falling In”“All In”“From whereby You Are”“It Is What it Is”“Between The Raindrops” (featuring Natasha Bedingfield)“Hurricane”